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National Center for Juvenile Justice Reform

Our mission is to change the culture of those responsible for the care, custody, and treatment of all children, especially children of color using culturally sensitive approaches that work.

Muslims Standing with 

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Ramadan Youth Seeking Peace & Prosperity Over Death & Destruction

Each year during the Holy Month of Ramadan the National Center For Juvenile Justice Reform (NCJJR) works to support children who are currently in the custody of the Washington DC Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services.

We estimate that there are approximately 80 young people who are being housed in two different government facilities. We are seeking your support for gift sponsorships, educational materials, and financial support.


HUSH: Homies United
in Service and Honor

Our Vision ~ Art

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Our Approach

Embraces a wholistic and humane family-focused intervention model that includes health, education, housing, and employment guided by the Arts and supported by Restorative Justice Principles and Practices.


Change the Culture

We seek to change the culture of those responsible for the care, custody and treatment of all children, especially children of color.


Providing Guidance

Our support provides leverage to existing resources and develops access to Federal, State, Local, County, and Private Sector opportunities.



Rahim Jenkins

Rahim is recognized as a pioneer in the field—one that demonstrates through innovative programming and a front-line presence, his long standing commitment to educating, rehabilitat-ing, and uplifting disadvantaged minority youth. A native Washingtonian and long time community activist, continues to make his mark on both the local and national levels, through a long and illustrious career as a sought after Youth Advocate and Re-Entry Consultant.

The Challenge

Over 93,000 children are currently denied their freedom in juvenile correctional facilities around the country. Nearly 90 percent of youth entering the juvenile justice system in this country are estimated to have experienced some type of trauma. Incarceration breaks up families, the building blocks of our communities and nation. It creates an instable environment for youth that can have lasting effects on their development and well-being.

NCJJR was founded to advocate for Children of Promise left behind by incarceration and to provide support services for them, their families and caregivers, with the goal of strengthening and empowering the families. NCJJR uses creative arts as a holistic approach, to help youth deal with the trauma, loss and harm.  Incarceration is one of the least effective and most expensive public safety strategies, yet the United States incarcerates more young people than any other country in the world.

The Covenant of Peace

The Covenant of Peace is an anti-violence initiative dedicated to addressing the systemic issues in and around violence. We believe that youth are not AT RISK but are Children of Promise. After undergoing Restorative Justice circles that expose and explore the hurt and harm caused by violence, participants will sign a “COVENANT,” entering into a sacred agreement to abstain from and speak against senseless acts of violence. The NCJJR Staff and Credible Messengers possess relevant life experiences and have proven track records of community engagement. The Covenant of Peace is based on the foundation of seven pillars to help youth identify where the culture of violence begins.

The Pillars of the Covenant of Peace


Pillar Seven: Love In Action

While the previous six pillars are dedicated to Children of Promise,
the seventh pillar identifies the many components of LOVE IN ACTION
and how NCJJR utilizes it as a way
of changing the culture of care and treatment relative to interactions within families, friends, and other relationship circles.

Our Team


Imam Johari Abdul-Malik Seale

Director of Financial Affairs


Board Member

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Lisa Johnson-Willingham

Board Member

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Lennie Smith, MA, BCT/RDT

Board Member

News & Media

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