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Homies United in Service and Honor


HUSH Music Campaign Production

The HUSH Campaign will identify Artist ``local rappers`` to serve as Ambassadors to the stop-the-violence campaign. The Artist will serve as Ambassadors and Mentors to those individuals interested in the art form as well as create content that promotes nonviolence and peace as opposed to death and destruction.


The goal is to have Artist create, produce, and perform multiple genres advocating sustainable community Peace!


The shared artistry will then create the needed dialogue in Restorative Justice Group discussions to begin to heal the hurt and harm caused by senseless acts of violence.


Restoration of community peace and the immediate access to resources including employment, education, housing, and health will be made available by already existing government services and other private entity providers.


The HUSH campaign will also provide access to the Art and Entertainment industry. This experience will conclude with a major production developed entirely by its participants.

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